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Knacks is a management and creative agency, with the main goal to develop esports by cooperating with professional esports players and gaming streamers. We are creating a place that will realistically change the face of esports in the mainstream media and will allow all of us to build a stable development of the industry.

International Reach

We work with many athletes and influencers from around the world and are constantly expanding our network.


We have created a young and passionate team of people who want to create new, great moments in esports.

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What do we do


We create custom image campaigns whose main goal is to build a perfect brand image in gaming/esports. So far we have worked with companies such as Zalando, inPost, NVIDIA, KFC, Kinguin and many others. Join them and let's create together a campaign that will remain in the memory of all esports fans for a long time!


We provide our players with full management support services. Starting from the process of searching for a new team to specific negotiations and legal analysis of the proposed contracts. Additionally, we support our players in matters of building their personal branding, offering them our graphic designers, editors and specialists in public relations and social media.


Want to fully focus on developing your channels? Are you starting to get more partnership offers and don't know which one to choose? At Knacks, we take care of a lot of content creators who finally can fully take care of their development without having to spend time on other things such as - looking for new campaigns, movie montage or preparing graphics for their channels.

Case studies

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Product campaign

For a new gaming supplement producer, we created dedicated photo and video materials together with our influencers. Thanks to the creation of high quality materials and great involvement of our talents, the campaign was very successful for our partner.

450 000 views
2 500 comments
30 days length
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Community event

We prepared and managed a series of dedicated social tournaments, whose main goal was to attract players to the new gaming platform. For this purpose, we used almost 10 influencers directly related to CS:GO, who organized their own 5vs5, 2vs2 and 1vs1 tournaments.

800 000 reach
3 500 participants
45 days length
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Izako Boars

Esports organization management

For over two years we have been managing one of the biggest esports organizations in Poland - Izako Boars. There we created a dedicated scouting program for young talents, from which players such as Siuhy and Szejn originate.

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Our talents

Warszawski Koks

1 724 000



Paweł Bieliński

617 609


Mrs. Honey

Ewa Wyszatycka

313 300



Sebastian Trela

271 600



Daniel Płomiński

135 100


and dozens more...

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