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Main goal of Knacks Agency is to carry out creative campaigns for brands with the participation of gaming and traditional influencers. We want to support growth of this market and fully professionalize content creators' activities while cooperating with companies. Thanks to our commitment and attention to details, your campaign will be tailor made!

International Reach

We work with many athletes and influencers from around the world and are constantly expanding our network.


We have created a young and passionate team of people who want to create new, and engaging campaigns in the influencers industry.

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We create custom image campaigns whose main goal is to build a perfect brand image in gaming & esports. So far we have worked with companies such as Zalando, InPost, NVIDIA and many others. Join them and let's create together a campaign that will remain in the memory of all gaming fans for a long time!


Every brand faces unique challenges. That’s why it’s so important to understand our clients’ needs and provide them with creative solutions for marketing campaigns in the gaming world.


Thanks to having our own production team we are able to provide our clients with the top quality content in many different ways. Photoshoots, commercials, events and broadcasts. We’ll fit your needs.

Our creators

Warszawski Koks

Ewa Wyszatycka

Mrs. Honey

Jakub Świtała


Michał Sakowski


Agata Łyzińska


Michał Owczarzak


Kaja Soboń

Dźwigaj dziewczyno

Robert Orzechowski


Natalia Nalepa

Paweł Sikora


Koryna Soczyńska

Case studies

Red Bull Valorant tournaments

Studio broadcast

In 2021 we've taken part as a regional broadcaster in two Red Bull's Valorant tournaments. Red Bull Home Grounds and Red Bull Campus Clutch. The first one was an international tournament for the best teams in Europe starring polish players such as Patitek and Zeek from G2 Esports. The second one was a worldwide competition for students. Our talents provided the commentary and analysis during the broadcast from the studio in Gdynia, Poland.

Izako Boars and Gentelmen's gaming

Full marketing services

As Knacks, we are not only able to take care of the media day of an esports organization. We are open for full-scale support in: running social media, acquiring sponsors, providing graphic and video content. We actively cooperate with two Polish organizations: Izako Boars and Gentlemen's Gaming in full range of services.

Wilkinson gaming campaign

Gaming lifestyle

Our agency is not only about gaming, even though we are most associated with it. Stomp's cooperation with Wilkinson shows that we are equally open to the lifestyle world, and we understand it very well.

Content production for clients

Media days

As esports souls we are more than happy to help organizations with taking care of their media aspects. We have worked on media day with teams such as Izako Boars, Ungentium and Entropiq. Our tasks for this type of cooperation include: planning, video aspects and photo shoots.

Knacks creative team

Video & content production

Grzegorz Kuś, known online as Pixel is one of our members of the Knacks creative team. He has been working on video production and editing with leading polish influencers such as Izak, Pago or Blowek for many years.

TCL Display Greatness Challenge

Polish campaign cooperaiton

As part of the campaign to introduce Krzysztof Piątek as TCL's ambassador for 2020/2021, we offered a broadcast with one of our talents Kubix. We actively coordinated the communication of the project and about the Polish broadcast.

Liga Streamerów (Streamer's league)

Own project

Liga Streamerów is a project in which polish most famous streamers compete in a series of tournaments. We felt that for viewers of individual influencers, having their favorite content creator compete could be a fresh change in their streaming schedule. We were not wrong. Entertaining tournament format combined with the high production value provided by our partner 3League meant that the project generated a lot of interest in the community.

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