Liga Streamerów

June 2021 - Untill now


About the project

In addition to organizing offline events, we also specialize in producing online events. "Liga Streamerów" is not only LAN events. First of all, this project is an all-Polish project, from which the international edition of the Streamers League was later born. The project is flexible enough to allow us to organize its subsequent editions, in different games, with the participation of many influencers. As a result, streamers participating in the event have already had the opportunity to face each other in: VALORANT, CS:GO, League of Legends or Fortnite.

Among the participants of the Liga Streamerów were, for example: Paris Platynov, Izak, Pago, Kasix, MrDzinold, Jacob, pashaBiceps, Thorek, Nieuczesana, Rybson and many other creators!


4 different titles

Number of editions


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Previous edition

Liga Streamerów CS:GO 2023 - Katowice Showdown. All the squads that participated in this edition of the Streamer League:

Captain: Mateusz "PAGO" Pągowski - lineup: Dycha, MHL, Siuhy, Rallen
Captain: Paweł "Saju" Pawelczak - lineup: Snax, Byali, Michu, Zannn
Captain: Bartosz "Hyper" Wolny and Maciej "Luz" Bugaj - lineup: ToM223, Pevor, M4tthi
Captain: Thorek - lineup: Exhie, Szejn, PHR, Tudson

As you can see, all teams had Polish CS:GO superstars in their lineups! As it turned out later, among the participants of the league we also had the finalist of the last major in CS:GO!
The event was preceded by online qualifiers, in which four teams participated. Each of the squads actually had an equal chance to appear in a special place for CS:GO players - Spodek Katowice, the temple of esports in Poland. In the end, it was the Saju and Pago teams that competed in Katowice for the title of Liga Streamerów champion. Team Saju ultimately proved to be victorious, thus it was they who enjoyed the title of champion.

Overall watchtime with streamers included

100 500h

Social Media reach during two weeks of communication

250 000

Peak viewers on official stream

3 800


Summary and latest event video

In each edition of the Liga Streamerów and the Streamers League we are responsible for the marketing and communication around the projects. The realization part belongs to the specialists of the 3leaguegg team.

Every edition of the project is unique. Starting with the unique branding of a specific season or weekend tournament, through a carefully designed website, to overlay and broadcast add-ons, we create new editions without actually changing the project's signature logo. We always pay attention to the highest quality of all the aforementioned add-ons, which at the end of the day may create your edition of the "Liga Streamerów". Did we interest you? Let's stay in touch, who knows if the next edition of the "Liga Streamerów" won't be an edition dedicated to your brand!

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