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July 2021 - Untill now


About partnership

We have been working with NTT System for two years now. They are a partner in every edition of "Liga Streamerów"! In addition, they also benefit from our support in the implementation of the "Play Your Own" campaign. Twice now we have combined advertising with valuable content to reach the right audience - gamers.


"Play Your Own"

Specialists in their titles were invited to be recorded. Two years ago, our target audience was CS:GO. Last year's edition of "Play Your Own" was a variety of genres. In the continuation of the series, we focused on several titles. Thus, the recordings included specialists in:

- Anterias, League of Legends
- Emelejt, VALORANT
- Artor, Fortnite
- Technokrata, Hardware
- Miszel, Streaming

With this solution, we were able to reach a larger group of players than just those in the CS:GO community. On our side was the process of recording, editing, and publishing the content according to the previously prepared communication plan. We were also responsible for the selection of the aforementioned games specialists.


Pamiętajcie - odpowiednia analiza i strategia to podstawa rozwoju swoich umiejętności. Wpadajcie na po więcej!

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey
@miszelshoty Ten moment, gdy nagrywasz materiały dla klienta, ale musisz dodać temat McDonalda... :D. Zobaczcie cały projekt na! #fyp #dlaciebie #foryou #miszelini #miszel #streamer ♬ original sound - IG:notmiszel 😎

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