Streamers League Valorant 2022

June 2022


About the project

Streamers League is the international continuation of the Polish edition of the "Liga Streamerów" project. After a long pandemic, we have returned to the world of esports events with the participation of the biggest influencers from different European regions.

Invited teams


LAN Participants


Prize pool

30 000€


Qualifiers and road to the LAN

Five regions participated in the 2022 edition: Poland, Rumania, Hungary, Greece, Czechia, and Slovakia. Each region was represented by eight teams, which consisted of one captain invited to the tournament and his team to build according to the rules of the entire event. Only the best team from each region could qualify for the LAN Grand Final in Wroclaw, Poland, in Barbara. In addition, we provided another activation, also related to our partner. Five spots in the finals is not too few when you are running a group stage, is it? HyperX WildCard helped select the sixth team! What exactly did that mean? Despite losing in the regional qualifiers, each team still had a chance to make it to the final stage of the tournament through community voting. After each qualifier, fans of the teams were able to vote for their favorites from places 2-8. The team that received the most votes from the community in their region at the very end of the event would face off against the rest of the regional HyperX WildCard voting winners. Only one of the teams from the final vote could make it to the event finals. And it was the second team from Poland, led by Thorek.


Summary and event aftermovie

In each edition of the Liga Streamerów and the Streamers League we are responsible for the marketing and communication around the projects. The realization part belongs to the specialists of the 3leaguegg team.

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