Streamers League Valorant 2023

July 2023


About the project

The 2023 edition was different from the previous one. Joining forces with the Meet At Rift festival, we were able to hold the LAN finals at a large event with a gaming theme from RIOT Games. This allowed more people to watch the event live from the venue in Lodz. A friendly company 3league, with whom we successively cooperate when organizing our own LAN events, was responsible for the realization of the event. A free-to-play zone dedicated to VALORANT was also available to visitors. There, among other things, it was possible to get professional advice from VALORANT coaches, or play with favorite content creators from Poland such as Folwar, OlczaOlcia or Szalony.

LAN Participants


Invited teams


Prize pool

15 000€


Lan participants

Teams from Czechia, Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary competed in the semi-finals. After a full day of playing in the BO2 system, we selected the finalists - Poland vs. Czechia. The show match on the last day was very popular, and all in all we are not surprised. After all, we got to see world champion Zeek on stage! After showcasing the skills of the VALORANT stars participating in the showmatch, it was time for the finals. As usual, it was full of excitement and ended with the full distance of three maps. Holak's team won 2:1 and thus defended the title of the Streamers League Champion from 2022.

Social Media reach

450 000

Watched hours

44 100

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Summary and event video

In each edition of the Liga Streamerów and the Streamers League we are responsible for the marketing and communication around the projects. The realization part belongs to the specialists of the 3leaguegg team.

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