W1TTY x Knacks

April 2021


About the project

The campaigns our agency runs are not just gaming campaigns. W1TTY is a perfect example of our ability to bring together influencers from different platforms and backgrounds, while creating communicatively consistent materials. What is more, these materials do not stand in contrast to the current content of the influencers with whom we work!

Engaged influencers


Social Media platforms


Overall campaign reach

5 100 000


Campaign concept

At W1TTY we focused on gaming and lifestyle. Using social media, i.e. TikTok, Twitch and YouTube, we were able to generate a reach of 5,000,000 with advertising content! The audience engagement rate was 4% (clicks on links, comments, likes). And all this thanks to the involvement of seven community influencers and our help! The campaign for W1TTY featured:

Przekosa - TikTok
Kubx - Twitch/YouTube
Młoda - Twitch
Olczix - Twitch
Miszel - Twitch/TikTok
Einar - TikTok
Kamil Szymczak - TikTok/Instagram


TikTok examples

@kamil_szymczak #ad W1TTY zmieni ci życie📱 #W1TTY #W1TTYapp #W1TTYbonus ♬ Coffee for You Head - Vinyll
@einarooo #ad POV: żyjesz w świecie gdzie każdy ma wspólne konto ze swoją bratnią duszą, ale nikt nie wie kim ona jest#W1TTY #W1TTYapp #W1TTYbonus ♬ Rock and Roll Session - Canal Records JP

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