Hey you,

You have worked hard to become a professional, it’s time to make that success work for you. Whether you are starting talented player or experienced professional – we are here for you. Learn how to work with brands, become better player and increase your set of skills. Be most effective in what you do. Create the brand called you.

We are focused on you and your growth. Our main goal is to support esports players in reaching their maximum potential, create the opportunities and help them grow. You can focus on what you do the best, let us do the rest.

Areas of activity

Business and personal advice

We will let you focus on your thing and give you every tool you need to get to the top. We will work as partners, making our way through every difficulty like pressure, stress, financial troubles and motivation.

Contract negotiations

We will represent you in your contacts with an organization or potential sponsors getting you the best possible deal and protecting you from unfair parties. That means you can treat us as your personal managers.

Legal advice

In cooperation with ESLA we can help you look through your active contract, analyze future contracts and just make sure you are protected from unfair practices.

Personal branding

We will help you create your personal brand building brand awareness among your fans and helping you to increase the amount of people following you.

Social media

We will help you build a strategy for your social media, gathering fans around your personal brand. We will measure the results from your campaigns but also help you create the whole content you want to present to the world

Sponsorship opportunities

We will actively look for an opportunity for you to cooperate with potential sponsor. It requires hard work from both sides but if you want – you can. With your brand, guidance from us and your will – brands will come to you.


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